Joanna Grace, 

Piano Horn Teacher

Play Your Favourite Piece in 8 Weeks!

About me- Joanna Grace

 I love figuring out what your goals are, what motivates you, how you learn and how to best help you so you feel successful in every lesson. I have a Master of Music degree with 20+ years experience coaching dedicated students. I received a national award in in the U.S. for  "excellence in teaching, outstanding studio development and dedication to music education". I've performed in seven countries and served on the adudication panel for various competitions. When you're wanting to elevate your skills for auditions, performances or university studies, or challenge your brain and express yourself through playing, I guarantee to make you laugh and smile as you learn!   I look forward to meeting with you!   -Joanna Grace

What You'll Get:

Personalized Weekly Instruction on Piano or Horn. On Zoom! For Students age 6 to Adults. 

Challenge Your Brain!

Playing music on your instrument requires concentration, repetition and practice. If you find yourself easily distracted or pandemically concerned, music lessons can help give you a new challenge for your brain to focus on. Play music and have fun! 

Express Yourself!

If you want to express yourself creatively, you can do it by playing music! Whether you've had music instruction in the past or not, I will help you simplify pieces into manageable patterns so you can feel successful in every lesson! Grab a free 30 min. intro lesson now!

Achieve Your Goals!

Perhaps there is that one very special piece you've always wanted to play. I'll help you learn it! Did you know there are a lot of versions at different levels of the same piece? Let me help you achieve what wouldn't be possible on your own!

 Customized instruction to your learning style so you get all your questions answered in every lesson!

Work at your own pace in your own time with guidance and encouragement!

Learn the language of reading music so you can teach yourself once lessons conclude!

Keep your brain active in your free time while maintaining a break from other obligations 

"I have had more than a few piano teachers over my musical education, Joanna is one of the best. She is patient and works with you, in order for you to succeed!" - Melody S.

Joanna Grace, Piano and Horn Teacher                         Toronto, Canada                647-701-8421